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Michaele Salahi Runs Off With Journey Rocker

Michaele Salahi Runs Off With Journey Rocker.
While her husband was worried that something tragic had happened to her, Michaele Salahi actually happens to have taken off on her own free will - with another man!
The White House crashing couple's marriage seems in troubled waters after Tareq's statements that Michaele “may have been kidnapped or abducted” led to the revelation that she's actually enjoying time with Journey rocker Neal Schon.
After Mr Salahi reported his wife's disappearance, the former “Real Housewives of D.C.” star called Virginia law officials to tell them that she was fine and dealing with "family issues."

**Photo Credit:**

According to TMZ, Mrs Salahi went to Schon's show in Nashville on Tuesday night while traveling with the guitarist to Nashville to catch another show tonight.

Journey's management team, Scoop Marketing, said, "Nobody kidnapped her and they are in Memphis together."
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Mel Gibson Makes Legendary Jewish Soldiers Film

Mel Gibson Makes Legendary Jewish Soldiers Film. Mel Gibson directed ‘Passion of the Christ’ that could be considered anti-Jewish. Mel is now reportedly working on a film that tells of the greatest Jewish soldiers of all time.
The actor and 55-year-old director working with screenwriter Joe Eszterhas as. Both reportedly have been planning this film project, but only now can be done. Joe is the author of Jewish-themed screenplay entitled ‘Betrayed’ and ‘Music Box’.

Mel figure will be displayed in the film project was Judah Maccabee, the Jewish warriors who defeated the Greek-Syrian army in the second century BC. Mel reportedly already signed a cooperation agreement with Warner Bros.

There are currently no further information when the film will be released in theaters.
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Paris Hilton and David Guetta Work On House Music Song Album

Paris Hilton and David Guetta Work On House Music Song Album. Paris Hilton seems to want to seriously venturing into house music to its name as a DJ that deserves to be taken into account. He plans to work on an album with renowned DJ David Guetta.

Hilton is rumored to currently be in the city of Ibiza, Spain to begin recording with David. Her album is scheduled for release later this year.

DJ’s world is no stranger to Paris Hilton. He has been crisscrossing in and out of nightclubs in various parts of the world, and has a great interest in house music.

To the music world itself, before Paris Hilton has issued the single in 2006. Now, he plans to re-vibrate the world music stage.
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Cheat Ayodance Tit*t Meong v.6070 (special double score)

Cheat Ayodance Tit*t Meong v.6070 (special double score)

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Cheat Point Blank 15 September 2011 Cheat Point Blank Release Wallhack & Ammo Global Update Point Blank 15-09-2011

Update Cheat Point Blank PB 15 September 2011 .
Download Cheat Point Blank 15 September 2011 Cheat Point Blank Release Wallhack & Ammo Global Update Point Blank 15-09-2011 

Cheat Point Blank 15 September 2011 Cheat Point Blank Release Wallhack & Ammo Global Update Point Blank 15-09-2011

Credit :
[-]Pamanukan Cheater

Fiture :
[-]WH Blink
[-]Ammo Global

Hotkeys :
[-]Home : On WH
[-]End : Off WH
[-]Klik kiri + Klik kanan : Ammo Global

[-]Kalau BT coba gunakan metode Flashdisk
[-]Harus instal Net FrameworkdanVcredist_x86
[-]Download D3DX9_38.dll
Free Download Cheat Point Blank 15 September 2011
Cheat Release Wallhack Ammo Global Update Point Blank 
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Photon N97-01 – N97 FW Base – Nokia 5800,523x – RM-356,625,588

Good news for 523x users.
Photon N97 mini firmware base has been created.

Credits: 008Rohit, for the awesome Photon C6-03
Coderus, for the CenRep descriptions.
binh24, for the N97 port to 5800.
DJNokia5233, for helping.
john89, for the call bug fix.
Team PedroCst, who’re still working to make the N97 port, perfect.

What’s different from Photon C6-03:
Dialer icon replaced with 2 dots. Thanks to RozzerX for the mod
Swipe to unlock or tap to unlock has not been added. Add it yourselves, if you wish.
There’s no c6 dialer. The default dialer is present.
New qwerty mod (with the mod switch) has been added.
Dialer auto rotate does not work.

Main Advantages:
The main advantage that you’d get is the RAM boost. You’d get RAM values, almostsimilar to OFW.

To be precise, if you get 55 mb right after a boot for c6 ports, you get 60-62 mb free ram with this.
Average free RAM after heavy use, will never drop below 50 mb and i can guaranteethat you’d get at least 60 mb free after a boot, without the theme effects.
1 Photon N97 01   N97 FW Base   Nokia 5800,523x   RM 356,625,588  2 Photon N97 01   N97 FW Base   Nokia 5800,523x   RM 356,625,588  4 Photon N97 01   N97 FW Base   Nokia 5800,523x   RM 356,625,588  10 Photon N97 01   N97 FW Base   Nokia 5800,523x   RM 356,625,588  Scr000002 Photon N97 01   N97 FW Base   Nokia 5800,523x   RM 356,625,588  QWERTY Photon N97 01   N97 FW Base   Nokia 5800,523x   RM 356,625,588  BlankWidget Photon N97 01   N97 FW Base   Nokia 5800,523x   RM 356,625,588  8 Photon N97 01   N97 FW Base   Nokia 5800,523x   RM 356,625,588  Alphanumeric Photon N97 01   N97 FW Base   Nokia 5800,523x   RM 356,625,588  7 Photon N97 01   N97 FW Base   Nokia 5800,523x   RM 356,625,588  5 Photon N97 01   N97 FW Base   Nokia 5800,523x   RM 356,625,588  6 Photon N97 01   N97 FW Base   Nokia 5800,523x   RM 356,625,588  9 Photon N97 01   N97 FW Base   Nokia 5800,523x   RM 356,625,588

All the mods added in Photon C6-03 by 008Rohit works with Photon N97, except those mentioned above.
So, that means, you get all the speed and visual splendor of Photon C6-03, with RAM boost..!

Mods added in Photon C6-03 :
- Optimized the CPU related Settings even more to Create a Perfect Balance between Speed and Battery Life
- N8 Portrait Menu Layout by dan-av.
- Extended Menu, Shrinked the network and battery icons to the top on Menu.
- Keyboard will now rotate according to the phone orientation. If you hold the phone in Landscape then the keyboard will be changed to Full QWERTY automatically.
- “Camera Already in Use” error fixed. However to fix this I had to disable the use of the touch screen “capture button”. You can use the hardware key to take snaps.
- Now Music Player will not return you to Menu after exiting it.
- Now PC/OVI Suite (and even your PC) will detect the phone as “Nokia Photon” and display the picture of a Nokia C6-00. You may need to reinstall PC/OVI Suite.
- Now you can set AutoKeyguard Lock time. But, value 1 minute has some bugs, so better not use it.
- Photos and Videos & TV twin icons removed.
- Default theme : NuBlack Default Icons – IND190
- N8 (Symbian^3) fonts are used.
- Gallery will not show images from E:\Photon\
- Changed the default widgets layout. Nokia Notifications widget comes preinstalled.
- “ShareOnline” button replaced with “Delete” in Photo Gallery, A mod by dan-av
- Rotation and Homescreen Swipe effects are taken from Nokia N8. Other effects are not added as they make the phone laggy.

All C6 Themes, OVI Maps 3.04, Chat, Podcasting, Image Print, OVI Contacts, OVI Music, Here and Now, Online Support, Voice Commands, Phone Switch, My Nokia, Quick Office, Adobe Reader, Drawing
Run Autoinstaller if you wish to install these supplied apps :
Best ScreenSnap v3.0, BTSwitch, Nokia Battery Monitor v1.3, Opera Mini 6.0

Other Modifications :

Performance Upgrades:
- Highly Increased Application/Gaming frame rates
- Increased Response Rate (Now touchscreen will be more responsive)
- CPU frames render was increased.This will result in a smooth phone experience.
- Graphical Complexity reduced. Performance Booster without any side effects.
- Music Player response highly increased (Instantly pauses/plays on clicking the buttons)
- Reduced effects complexity which should result in a speed increase
- Increased Heap Size further to boost up performance
- Lags in Menu, messaging and Other Large Applications removed
- Polished the UI for heavy usage
- Phone will never slow down and the RAM won’t be decreasing (RAM Caching modded)
- 80MB+ on C:\ (Phone memory)
- Free RAM after startup : 64.5MB in 5800, 70.8 MB in 5233 (Maximum)
- Average RAM: 60-65 MB free
- Smooth Kinetic Scrolling
- Music Player is now a lot more faster!
- Real Hack! (No need to use installserver.rmp patch anymore)
- CPU mod optimized to get complete stability and a great battery life!

General Modifications :
- “Restart” Option instead of “Lock Screen and Keys” in Power Menu by CODeRUS.
- Full N8 IconPack is used. (With 0 bugs) Now icons change according to the theme applied.
- N8 Swipe to Unlock theme and N8 dialer added.
- PC/OVI Suite will recognise your phone as Nokia C6-00. However every website including OVI Store will recognise your phone as Nokia N97 mini
- All C6 lights problem fixed. (Mod by mara)
- Camera will not eat RAM after closing it.
- Default Browser user agent changed to the one of N97 mini. So OVI store and some other sites will recognise your phone as Nokia N97 mini
- C5-03 Keyboard Layout added.
- Female Voice (Ellen) added in Message Reader app.
- Camera Sound will be disabled if you use Capture Tone 3.
- “Nokia Tune” from N8 added.
- Display lights timeout and automatic keyguard time set to 30 seconds.
- Default bluetooth name: Nokia Photon C6-03
- FOTA reserved space romoved to get more space in C:\ (Phone Memory)
- USB now will name as Nokia Photon
- Voice recording during call fixed. Your phone won’t crash if you record and call someone at the same time.
- RAM Cache in C:\ for better performance
- Blazing Fast Screen Rotation
- CPU load decreased (Get a very fast phone)
- Enabled lock/unlock vibration
- Disabled My Nokia Service
- Zero start up of background applications
- Auto optimization of RAM cache for keeping up your phone faster even after heavy usage
- Default Web Browser bookmarks are edited.
- Blank UDA supplied to get highest possible free space on C:\
- Lags in Menu removed. The Kinetic Scrolling is optimized (It is no very fast not very slow)
- Display rotation is ON by default
- Breathing light is OFF by default
- Digital clock set as default. N8 Clock fonts used so the digital clock now looks like the N8 clock
- Display light turns OFF and Phone gets locked in 30 seconds
- Default Fonts Used
- Operator Logo ON/OFF settings available in homescreen settings
- Delivery Reports ON by default in Messaging
- Theme effects are OFF by default
- Removed “Check for Updates” in Device Updates
- “Summary after call” and “speed dialing” ON by default
- “In call timer” ON by default
- Profile “General” renamed to “Photon”
- Homescreen landscape enabled. Dialer landscape disabled
- Lags in Messaging apps removed

Bugs Fixed :
- Nokia’s idiotic Radio bug completely fixed. Now RDS works fine!
- Now Messaging app doesn’t show two New e-mail options anymore.
- Now Messaging app doesn’t lag when scrolling through a long messages list.
- All light bugs are fixed by mara-
- Multilanguage support. Now use Photon C6-03 in your desired language without facing any bugs.

- Widgetized Nokia C6 Homescreen
- Full widgets support
- N97/N97 mini widgets can now be installed
- 3 Additional shortcuts bar. Total : 5

- Photon Splashscreen and Shutdownscreen.
- Startup animation removed for faster startup. (Check the booting speed yourself)
- Bootscreen Volume set to : 10
- Custom Boot/Shutdown animation locations -
- Theme effects : Mixed with Rotation and Swipe effects and default App_exit effect

- Java permission is set to default
- Real Hack (modded installserver.exe by PNHT)
- SwiPolicy changed which enable to install almost apps without RomPatcher patch (Works 99%)
- Secure Widget Preinstall (OVI Store Installer) will not run on first startup but will install at one click from menu icon

- All C6 lights bugs are fixed. (Mod by mara)
- Green Charging light disabled.

- Added “View Images” in options>Display Settings
- Download manager will be started on browser start-up to resume
- Browser now can be rotated in landscape even sensor off, by going to options while browsing
- Browser will prompt to continue download if there was a power failure
- Browser Cache moved to E:\ and increased to 50MB

- Nokia default file browser can send sisx, sis, jar and any protected items via bluetooth, mms and uploads
- Nokia default file browser will show system folders in E:\

- Camera will not leave in background after close it (SAVES RAM)
- Voice recorder set to High quality
- Voice recorder records upto 12 hours
- Gallery will not mix up pictures and videos
- Camera Image Quality improved
- Gallery searching improved
- “Nokia PhotoBrowser” integrated in Photos Homescreeen
- Share Online removed in Photos Homescreen
- OVI Music removed in Music Homescreen
- Video Capture predifined frame rate increased
- Music Player will read E:\Music\
- Music player refresh faster
- Music Player is now a lot faster!

- Using 3×4 Menu modded by ME
- N8 icons are used. Icons change according to themes.
- All Lags in Menu removed
- Applications Hidden : Conversations, OVI Sync
- “Show Open Apps” Removed
- Optimized to run very fast and smooth (Tweaked Kinetic Scrolling in Menu)

- Messages sent by you will be saved up to 500 messages
- Delivery reports ON by default
- Messaging application no longer lags when containing large number of messages.

- New Music Player 15.2 with lyrics support.
- ROMPatcher+ 3.06 by Il.Socio
- Nokia File Browser
- Nokia PhotoBrowser (Integrated in Photos Homescreen)
- KillMe
- Autoinstaller

- Install Server (Install Unsigned Apps)
- Open4All (Admin Permission in System Folders)
- ReadCroot (Default FileBrowser will show System Folders in C:\)
- c2z4bin (c2z like patch for binary files)

Changes in Photon N97-01:
[Updated 26/06/2011]
1. Full Anna Icons by binh24.
2. Landscape mod v2 by dan-av.
3. Better battery management.
4. Default light-timeout reduced again to 20 sec, for more energy efficiency.
5. Boring blue navigation folder replaced with a better icon, thanks to akshay5233.
6. Long click effect changed to sym^3 like[check screenshot], thanks to akshay5233 and alex393.
7. All the apps inbuilt, and those which are provided with Auto Installer will have Anna Icons by default(as shown in the screen).
8. Rotation turned on by default.
9. Custom settings for JBakTaskman, optimized for touch phones.
10. Mailbox removed from messaging.
Plus, the changelogs from below….

Downloads of Photon N97-01:
Nokia 5233 – RM-625
Use the C6 ported cores.
Nokia 5230 – RM-588
Use the C6 ported cores.
Nokia 5800 – RM-356
Use the C6 ported cores. Thanks to ericklu.
Other RM’s would be done, soon.

Changes in Final Fixed Version:
[Updated 04/06/2011]
1. Fixed the REAL PLAYER bug
2. Latest alpha numeric keypad by dan-av.
3. Latest landscape mod by dan-av.
4. On screen capture button works.
5. Faster rotation, thanks to 008Rohit.
6. Light time out set to 25 sec.
7. Latest OVI store added ver. 1.10.9.
8. JBak Taskman 1.37 added to auto installer… Plus, the changes in the Final version.

Download the FINAL FIXED variant:
Nokia 5233 – RM-625
Use the C6 ported cores.
Nokia 5230 – RM-588

Use the C6 ported cores. Thanks to madman14 for uploading the RM-588 variant.
Full Anna Icon Pack is available now..!! For the bug free pack, head over HERE!.
If you are not happy with the lights mod used, or are facing battery problems, just download the file and check the cooking instructions from here

Photon eXtra Pack!:

Pack more juice into the Already Faster Photon with the eXtra Pack which includes essential apps, themes, wallpapers & games, which would help you in day to day tasks, help relieve your tension and make your friends envy your phone.

Download it from HERE!

Changes in Final Version:
[Updated 27/05/2011]
1. Lights mod v2 by mara with green charge lights.
2. Camera doesn’t leave in background after exiting.
3. Sym^3 profile widget by rodger_rulez added.
4. Patches gets auto-copied to memory card.
5. Extended menu by neutral_5800 used.
6. Wlan widget renamed to blank widget.
7. Lights dim after 30 sec and key guard auto locks at 40 sec by default.
8. Latest alpha numeric mod by dan-av. Thanks to ivan02891 for pointing out the mod.
9. Latest QWERTY mod ver. 2 by dan-av added. Thanks to ivan02891 for pointing out the mod.
10. C6 email app by binh removed as it was not working.
11. Phone restart during country selection has been dealt with.
12. Share Online in Gallery replaced by Delete button. Thanks to keaheng.

Download the FINAL variant:
Nokia 5233 – RM-625
Use the C6 ported cores.
Nokia 5230 – RM-588
Use the c6 ported cores..!! Thanks to madman14 for uploading the ROFS2.

Downloads of the fixed version:
[Updated 22/05/2011]
Nokia 5230 : RM-588 v40
RM-588 users will have to use THIS CORE!.
Nokia 5233 : RM-625 v40
RM-625 users may use the c6 ported core.
P.S. After flash, wait for some time during the country selection. Phone may restart during this process, which is absolutely normal.
Thanks to madman14 for his support and uploading the both ROFS2.

Download of the beta variant:
Nokia 5233 : RM-625 v40
RM-625 users can use the C6 core.
Nokia 5230 : RM-588 v40 by srgudhka
RM-588 users will have to use THIS CORE!.
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YouTube (Portable) Music Downloader v3.7.3 Full Version

YouTube (Portable) Music Downloader v3.7.3 Full Version

An easy-to-use Windows software to download YouTube music videos and convert them to MP3, AVI, WMV, MOV, MP4, 3GP formats. You can download millions of music from YouTube and listen them on your iPod, MP3 Player or watch them on your PC, iPod, iPhone. Unlimited download 6,000,000+ music from YouTube, get started now.

• Use YouTube Music Downloader To Download YouTube HD Video
With YouTube Music Downloader, You can download YouTube Music Video as HD(High Definition) MPEG4 Video format!

• Use YouTube Music Downloader To Download YouTube HQ Video
With YouTube Music Downloader, You can download YouTube Music Video as HQ(High Quality) MP4 Video format!

• Use YouTube Music Downloader As MP3 Downloader
With YouTube Music Downloader, You can download YouTube Music Video to MP3 Audio for iPod, MP3 Player and Cellphone.

• Use YouTube Music Downloader As YouTube Video Downloader
With YouTube Music Downloader, You can download YouTube Music Videos To AVI and WMV files and watch them offline

• Use YouTube Music Downloader to Download Videos for iPod
With YouTube Music Downloader, You can download YouTube Music Videos To MOV format, and watch music videos on your iPod

• Use YouTube Music Downloader to Download Videos for PSP
With YouTube Music Downloader, You can download YouTube Music Videos To MP4 format for PSP

• Use YouTube Music Downloader to Download Videos for Cellphone
With YouTube Music Downloader, You can download YouTube Music Videos To 3GP files, you can watch them on your Cellphone

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BlackBerry Torch 9850 Specs

The launch of the BlackBerry Torch 9850 seems about to come soon. As it is, publications related to the device seems more and more and more in cyberspace. And according to a document Sprint’s wireless operator, has revealed the BlackBerry Torch 9850 will be accompanied by the BlackBerry Bold 9930 is also set to be released soon.

BlackBerry Torch 9850 which has a code name Monaco and is expected to be docked in Sprint’s lineup before the end of August, and may not involve physical buttons have ever seen in the previous news
Full touch smartphone has been revealed in a series of video tutorials and a road map (roadmap) CDMA from RIM. BlackBerry Torch 9850 is reportedly going to use the same GSM network as his brother.

Earlier this smartphone ever preached on the BlackBerry World conference a few weeks ago, but this was aborted because at that time RIM introduced only one handset only.
Torch 9850 BGR hand BlackBerry Torch 9850 Specs

However, rumors about the specs of BlackBerry Torch 9850 may have been heard. Besides being equipped with a large touchscreen display measuring 3.7 inches WVGA resolution that can display a perfect, Torch 9850 has also been supported 1.2 GHz processor in it.

BlackBerry Torch 9850 rely on features 5 Megapixel camera with video recording capability is good. As for storage solutions, this smartphone using 4GB of internal memory, a microSD card slot to expand storage via memory cards up to 32GB capacity.

BlackBerry Torch 9850 is equipped 3G connectivity and WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities. Plus with built-in GPS receiver that makes it even more perfect.
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Nokia N8 Price Review and Specifications

Review specifications and Nokia N8. The biggest feature on the Nokia N8 is a 12 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and Xenon flash. Features sensor is substantially greater than has ever been used in other Nokia devices, even bigger than many found in a special camera.
Nokia N8 also introduced the ability to record high definition video and edit it with a clever built-in suite of editing on the device. Playback quality is just as important, and 3.5-inch touch screen capacitive HD is an ideal window to assess the film and footage. There is also an HDMI connector allows you to connect your smartphone to your HD TV and share your media with friends and family in superb quality.

Nokia+N8+Harga+dan+Spesifikasi Nokia N8 Price Review and Specifications

Nokia N8 Price Review and Specifications
Complete Specifications and Pricing Nokia N8:
Dimension Size
113.5 x 59 x 12.9 mm

* Screen size: 3.5 ”
* Resolution: 16:09 nHD (640 x 360 pixels) OLED
* 16.7 million colors
* Capacitive Touch Screen
* Orientation sensor (Accelerometer)
* Compass (Magnetometer)
* Proximity sensor
* Ambient light detector

Data Network
* GPRS / EDGE class B, multislot class 33
* Cat9 HSDPA, maximum speed up to 10.2 Mbps, 2.0 Mbps HSUPA Cat5
* WLAN IEEE802.11 b / g / n
* Support TCP / IP
* Can be used as a modem
* Support for MS Outlook synchronization of contacts, calendar and notes

* Internal Memory: 16 GB
* MicroSD memory card slot, hot swappable, up to 32 GB

Operating Frequency
* GSM / EDGE 850/900/1800/1900
* WCDMA 850/900/1700/1900/2100
* Automatic switching between bands WCDMA & GSM
* Flight mode

* Bluetooth 3.0
* 2mm charging connector
* Micro USB charging
* High-Speed ​​USB 2.0 (micro USB connector)
* 3.5 mm AV connector

Software Platform and User Interface
* ^ 3 Symbian to Nokia
* Java MIDP 2.1
* Qt 4.6.2, Web Runtime 7.2
* Flash Lite 4.0
* OMA DM 1.2, OMA Client Provisioning 1.1

* Key Applications: Calendar, Contacts, music player, internet, messages, photos, Ovi Store, Maps, Video, WebTV, Office document editor, Video & photo editor, Mail, Chat, Radio
* PC Application: Nokia Ovi Suite, Nokia Ovi Player

Personal Information Management (PIM)
* Detailed contact information
* Calendar
* To-do list
* Note
* Recorder
* Calculator
* Hours

Email and Messaging
* Email client with attachment support for images, videos, music and documents doc, xls, ppt, PDF, Zip
* HTML format for email
* Unified email client for multiple protocols: Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Windows Live, Hotmail and / POP IMAP other popular services, Mail for Exchange, IBM Lotus traveler
* Editing a document key office
* Email Web Widgets on the home page
* Support for instant messaging Chat: OVI Chat, Yahoo, AIM, Windows Live, Gtalk, MySpace *
* Unified MMS / SMS editor
* Conversation View for SMS
* Push email and Nokia Mesenger
* Display a standard web page
* Web browsing with touch control
* Supports: HTML, XHTML MP, WML, CSS
* Supported protocols: HTTP v1.1, WAP
* Support TCP / IP
* History, HTML and JavaScript support
* Flash Lite 4 will support most of the content of Flash Player 10.1
* Nokia Mobile Search
* RSS reader
* Support for video streaming
* Direct access from the main page of Facebook and Twitter via Ovi by Nokia Social client
* Social networking profiles visible in the phone contacts
* Upload and view photos and videos and view the location of the client through the Ovi by Nokia Social client
* Social networking phone looks in a calendar event

GPS and Navigation
* Integrated GPS, A-GPS receiver
* Ovi Maps with free car & pedestrian navigation
* Wi-Fi Positioning
* Compass and accelerometer for screen orientation
* Nokia Ovi Suite to transfer / upload maps to the phone memory
* 12 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics
* Fullscreen 16:09 View finder with easy to use touchscreen parameters
* Xenon flash
* Detector face
* Autofocus
* Focal length: 5.9 mm
* F number / Aperture: F2.8
* Image file format: JPEG / EXIF
* Zoom up to 2x (digital) for still images
* 3x zoom (digital) for video
* Secondary camera for video calling (VGA, 640 x 480 pixels)

Sharing and Video Player
* HD 720p HD video playback on a TV via an HDMI cable
* Dolby Digital Plus surround sound while playing with HDMI & home theater
* Support for download, streaming and progressive download
* Video editing software
* Video applications: collection of stored videos
* WebTV On Demand widget for watching streaming TV
* Support for Flash video
* YouTube browsing and streaming
* Support for video call (WCDMA network services)

Music Features
* Cover albums to browse through your music collection
* Paid music services
* Nokia Music Player
* Shop Music
* MP3, WMA, AAC, eAAC, eAAC +, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, E-AC-3, AC-3
* Bit rate up to 320 kbps
* DRM support for WM DRM, OMA DRM 2.0
* FM transmitter

* To play the game using the touch screen
* Graphics processor with OpenGL 2.0 to run 3D graphics
* Java Game
* Using an accelerometer (horizontal screen) to play the game
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How do I show ads between my posts? - Blogger Help

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Benefits of Drinking Water At Wake

Some people sometimes have a habit to drink water when I was just waking up. This habit is proved to have many health benefits.What are the advantages of drinking water when you wake up?
Water needs to be consumed by different people, this is because it depends on several factors such as weight, gender, weather and also the activities done daily. For example, people who are physically active or live in hot climates, it needs more water.

It takes time, discipline and commitment to get used to consume water immediately after waking up, as this can provide some health benefits. Here are the benefits to be had, as quoted from Livestrong, namely:
  • Increase energy. Consuming water in the morning can increase your metabolism, helping someone become more alert and feel fresher because of increased energy in the body. This is because almost all parts of the body need water to work optimally, if the body is dehydrated will arise fatigue and lethargy that it becomes inefficient.
  • Eliminates toxins. Drinking water in the morning will help relieve kidney function in terms of removing toxins and waste products (waste) from the body system. This is because at night the body does not obtain fluid intake.
  • Losing weight. Mara Z. Vitolins, a nutrition expert from Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center said that usually the body can not differentiate between hunger and thirst, drinking water consumption can therefore help distinguish it.

In addition, if a person drinks water when she was hungry to see a decrease in appetite thus helping you lose weight, and avoiding the consumption of other beverages high in sugar, aklori or caffeine.
To find out if your body well hydrated with water or adequate intake can be seen from the color of urine, normal urine color that is both clear and not dark yellow.
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Cheat 50 Token [Token Hack] Permanent New Update

Cheat Token New Ninja Saga (Token Hack) New Update.
Cheat 50 Token Permanent, Just for free user.
Featured: Premium User (Emblem Hack), ++ One Hit Kill Dark Set.
Btw, Lets Go to Hacking !!

Equipments :

  • Fiddler2
  • Swf File

Totorial to Hack :

1. Drag Swf File
2. Clear Chache
3. Go to Ninja Saga
4. Crate New Character Until level 8
5. You will got 50 Saga Token
6. Don't Use instan mission (if u get eror, u can't got it)
7. Just use One Hit Kill every battle
8. Equpt Kunai ( Weapon Sai Minori )
9. Equipt Newbie Costume Male (Dark Set Cloth)
10. Equipt Straw Hat ( Back Ite "Decorative Rope" )
11. Use the Weapon, Every Battle ,.. (900K Demage )
12. Enjoy This Hack

NB: This Cheat Working 100%, Token Hack is Permanent (Savebale) don't compile any more !!

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Kode-Kode Mission Ninja Saga 2011
Ujian Jounin

  • mission_136 = Jounin Exam 5/5: The Orochi?
  • mission_135 = Jounin Exam 4/5: The Elements
  • mission_134 = Jounin Exam 3/5: The Kekkai
  • mission_133 = Jounin Exam 2/5: Shinobi Tower
  • mission_132 = Jounin Exam 1/5: Hand Seal

Chunin Exam

  • mission_55 = Chunin Exam 1/5: Written Test
  • mission_56 = Chunin Exam 2/5: Scroll War
  • mission_57 = Chunin Exam 3/5: Arena?
  • mission_58 = Chunin Exam 4/5: Team Battle
  • mission_59 = Chunin Exam 5/5: Final


  • mission_1 atau mission_12 atau msission_124 => Training Dummy
  • mission_2 = Hardworking Student => Grade C lvl. 1
  • mission_3 = Blacksmith Request => Grade C lvl. 2
  • mission_4 = weaver’s request => Grade C lvl. 3
  • mission_5 = Assasination of shin => Grade C lvl. 18
  • mission_6 = Ken’s Challange
  • mission_7 = Michi’s Request => Grade C lvl. 4
  • mission_8 = Yuna Request => Grade C lvl. 5
  • mission_9 = Grandmother Gift => Grade C lvl.6
  • mission_10 = Fake Worshippers => Grade C lvl.7
  • mission_13 = Confideal Documents => Grade C lvl.3
  • mission_14 = Conflicts with the samurai => Grade C lvl.4
  • mission_15 = Find The Antidote => Grade C lvl.6
  • mission_16 = Enemies for interrogation => Grade C lvl.7
  • mission_17 = The Mysterious Lights => Grade C lvl.8
  • mission_18 = Protect Princes takara => Grade C lvl.9
  • mission_19 = The Disert Bandits => Grade C lvl.9
  • mission_20 = Secret of the Guardian Scroll
  • mission_21 = Protect the Messenger
  • mission_22 = Investigation
  • mission_23 = Be an Envoy to Water
  • mission_24 = Relief Force to Water Village
  • mission_25 = Be an Envoy to Earth Village
  • mission_26 = Civil Strife in Earth Village
  • mission_27 = Backup Request from Wind Village
  • mission_28 = Escort the Merchant
  • mission_29 = Kusuma’s Request => Grade C lvl.10
  • mission_30 = Kage’s son save norobi
  • mission_31 = It’s Samurai again => Grade C lvl.12
  • mission_32 = Catch the Insurrectionist => Grade C lvl.12
  • mission_33 = Escape Criminals => Grade C lvl.13
  • mission_34 = Assasinate the Ninja Spy Leader Grade C lvl.13
  • mission_35 = The Mist Stalker
  • mission_36 = Suspicious Ninja
  • mission_37 = Battle Samurai
  • mission_38 = Ken’s second challange
  • mission_39 = Explosive Mines => Grade C lvl.11
  • mission_40 = Three Undead Marionette
  • mission_41 = Arrest Desert Clawman => Grade C lvl.14
  • mission_42 = Kenta’s Favor => Grade C lvl.15
  • mission_43 = Sea Robbers are Back => Grade C lvl.15
  • mission_44 = Trouble from Hooligans => Grade C lvl.16
  • mission_45 = Rescue Action => Grade C lvl.17
  • mission_46 = Choose the Right target
  • mission_47 = Clear Main Artery => Grade C lvl.17
  • mission_48 = Troublesome Water Ninja => Grade C lvl.18
  • mission_49 = Threatening Soil Vilage => Grade C lvl.19

Level Unknown

  • mission_50 = Village in Turmoil
  • mission_51 = Destroy the Criminal Alliance?
  • mission_52 = Ken’s Third Challange
  • mission_53 = Assasination of Shin2
  • mission_54 = Guard the Village Gate


  • mission_60 = Where are the Hoologans?
  • mission_61 = Night Rebellion
  • mission_62 = Canine Tooth Collection
  • mission_63 = Phantom Ninja
  • mission_65 = War with Samurai
  • mission_67 = Toxic Crisis
  • mission_68 = The Ninja Assassinates
  • mission_69 = Crazy Marionette
  • mission_72 = Medicine Reseacrh
  • mission_73 = The Sceret Package from Yuna
  • mission_74 = Zuka’s Request
  • mission_75 = Help The Snow Village
  • mission_76 = Escort Kaiza
  • mission_78 = Escaped Prisoner
  • mission_79 = Wind Village Defend
  • mission_80 = Violent Hooligans
  • mission_81 = Urgent Request from Michi
  • mission_82 = Merchant Assassination
  • mission_83 = Mountain Bandits
  • mission_84 = Hidden Laboratory
  • mission_85 = The Hanjiro Series 01?
  • mission_86 = The Hanjiro Series 02?
  • mission_87 = The Hanjiro Series 03?
  • mission_88 = The Hanjiro Series 04 (Final)
  • mission_90 = Kanesada the Swrod 01?
  • mission_91 = Kanesada the Sword 02?
  • mission_92 = Kanesada the Sword 03?
  • mission_93 = Kanesada the Sword 04?
  • mission_94 = Kanesade the Sword 05?
  • mission_95 = Kanesade the sword 06?
  • mission_97 = Rebel Water Ninjas?
  • mission_98 = Friendly Match (Practise with lok li)
  • mission_99 = The Mysterious Bug
  • mission_104 = Revenge the Phantom Ninja
  • mission_105 = The Battle Dog
  • mission_106 = The Lost Letter
  • mission_107 = Get Ready for PVP
  • mission_108 = Kanesada the Sword 07 (Final)
  • mission_109 = The Stubborn Lanlord 01
  • mission_110 = The Stubborn Landlord 02
  • mission_111 = Path of a Genin
  • mission_112 = Merchant’s Quarrel
  • mission_114 = Message to Tsuchikage 1


  • mission_138 = Concern of Norobie => Grade A lvl.42
  • mission_139 = Request form the Rock Vilage => Grade A lvl.44
  • mission_140 = The Antique Vase => Grade A lvl.46
  • mission_141 = The Fire-Thunder Allianced => Grade A lvl.48
  • mission_142 = The Mysterious Mist => Grade A lvl.50
  • mission_143 = Blacksmith’s Trouble => Grade A lvl.52
  • mission_144 = The Assassins’ Plot => Grade A lvl.54
  • mission_147 = Kinjutsu: Marionette Control => Grade A lvl.58
  • mission_148 = The Criminal Gathering => Grade A lvl.56


  • mission_149 = Ramen Delivery => Daily Mission lvl.5
  • mission_151 = The Promise => Daily Mission lvl.15
  • mission_152 = Pirates in Exile => Daily Mission lvl.20
  • mission_162 = Practice: Lightning Chunin => Daily Mission lvl.25 (Emblem User)
  • mission_163 = Practice: Earth Chunin => Daily Mission lvl.30 (Emblem User)
  • mission_164 = Battle Data Of The Marionette => Daily Mission lvl.30 (Emblem User)
  • mission_165 = The Store Keeper => Daily Mission lvl.40
  • mission_166 = Save The Clan Casualeties => Daily Mission lvl.40(Emblem User)
  • mission_167 = BlackOps’ Meals => Daily Mission lvl.45
  • mission_168 = The Postman’s Duties => Daily Mission lvl.45 (Emblem User)


  • mission_170 = Secret TP Scroll
  • mission_171 = The Kekkai in the forest
  • mission_173 = Another TP Scroll
  • mission_174 = Weird potion

Hanami Festival mission

  • mission_198 = Hanami Memeory Test
  • mission_199 = Hanami Photo Hunt
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Counter Strike of the game wrote his name not already familiar. Counter Strike Extreme v6 result of manipulation of Counter Strike v1.6 which already exist in game weapons and characters. which I think this game is almost similar to the game, titled CF (Cross Fire) and PB (Point Blank), only the characters and weapons just for a place still the same as the version Counter Strike v1.6.

In the version of Counter Strike Extreme v6 there are various kinds of modes that typically Counter Strike 1.6 there is only one mode only the Bomb Mission to Counter Strike Extreme version v6 himself has added to their modes include Death Match, Zombie and the Ghost Mode Mode.

Features :
  • Normal Mode
  • Team Match (Death Match)
  • Ghost Mode
  • Zombie Mode 3
  • Zombie Scenario (Survival)
  • Zombie Unite

What's new in Counter Strike Extreme v6 :
  • 19 Karakter
  • 20 Riffles
  • Dual Kriss di Machine Gun

Minimum System Requirements :
  • Operating System : Windows XP / 7
  • Processor : P4 , 2,4 Ghz or Better
  • RAM : 1 GB
  • Hardrive : 2 GB
  • Graphic Card : Gforce FX Series or Better

Status : Tested on Windows 7

Download | Counter Strike Extreme v6
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